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Everything you want to know about betting in college football

by Wang Lee

Fall is not that far. This is the sign that the beginning of college football season is just around the corner. Betting on football games has different rules compared to sports like soccer or hockey. For instance, college football doesn’t limit the bets to the standard money line system. You can try the spread wagers. Also there is an option for Over/Under betting. With help of trustworthy free college football picks you can make real gains.

Explaining types of betting in college football

So, basically there are 3 types of wagering in the world of college football:

–       Money line: This is the most obvious type of betting. You just place your bets on the expected winner.

–      Over/Under: it is also known as the total. It is about expecting the total number of points that would be achieved in a match.

–    Point spread: it is about wagering on the number of points that a team would achieve or lose.

Also, there is a couple more of betting options that are less common such as:

–      Props: It is also known as proposition bets. This type of betting doesn’t concentrate on the final result of a match. You just bet on the performance of the individual players you want.  Sometimes you can bet on the team’s performance as well. Prop wagers can even be about the trends of the game. Usually, this type of wagers adds a touch of fun to the highly competitive games.

–    Parlay: You can remember this betting type with the phrase “the more the merrier”. Simply, it is about betting on more than one game. But your chosen matches should be on one ticket. In order to get the money all you need to win all of the bets on the tickets. So, for instance if you are betting on 3 games, you need to win all their wagers. In case you won two and lost just one, it would be considered a loss of the whole parlay. But the whole three wins is your ticket to huge gains. It is considered a very lucrative wager yet a very risky one.

–   Futures: As the name suggests, this betting type is about long term wagering. So, you would bet on something that would happen in the next week’s games or even further. Also, you might wager on the team that would win their conference.

Importance of college football picks

You can’t aim for winning bets in college football without reliable picks. You can’t really do this on your own. For example, the number of competing teams is way bigger than the NFL. Can you imagine keeping track of 10 conferences and more than 120 teams?  Professional providers of college football picks can do this for you. They collect data and analyze relevant information about prominent teams and the most promising stars. Such data is later translated into predictions and picks. Professional picks providers also keep an eye on the most important conferences. The best part is that you can enjoy free college football picks without fees or complicated registration.

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